Social Media Advanced


Hootsuite - A Web-based service designed for managing your brand. Hootsuite makes it possible to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and other social networking accounts all in one place. It also makes it easy for several people in your organization to share social media duties without having to worry about duplicating efforts, and allows users to schedule tweets for later publication. Free and paid versions are available, as are mobile applications for iPhone and Android. Discounts are offered to some nonprofits.

Tweetdeck - Free, powerful, desktop Twitter client for both Mac and PC; designed for serious Twitter users. Allows you to manage multiple Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts all in one place. Tweetdeck has a more complex user interface than yet it simplifies monitoring @mentions and direct messages.

Twitter for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android; Facebook for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android - Official mobile applications from Twitter and Facebook. Free, easy to install and use. Stay in touch with your online communities wherever you are. Note: Applications for the Android phone can be downloaded from the Android Market.


How to use Hootsuite to coordinate your team and manage your brand (Black Web 2.0) - Introduction on using Hootsuite to collaborate with team members on managing your brand, with an emphasis on the Message Assignment feature.

Tweetdeck Video Tutorials (Tweetdeck Support) - 14 videos, each demonstrating how to use a different feature of Tweetdeck: finding and following people; searching on keywords, phrases and hashtags; scheduling tweets; uploading video; and more.

How to Live Tweet an Event (Old Media, New Tricks) - Interested in live tweeting an event, such as a fundraiser or conference? What about using Twitter during a breaking news event or in an emergency? Be prepared by reading these five tricks on how to get the most out of live tweeting.

Articles & Resources

How Nonprofits Use Social Media for Real Results (Mashable) - Brief case studies illustrating some of the ways nonprofits use online video to increase brand awareness and social media to connect with audiences and other like-minded nonprofits.

Tweeting to Raise Awareness, Not Money (The NonProfit Times) - Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of different online tools is important. According to research by a Rutgers University graduate student, just 3 percent of all tweets by a sample of nonprofits were dedicated to fundraising. Instead, many nonprofits use Twitter to spread the word, educate and engage.

10 Tips for Nonprofits on Facebook (Inside Facebook) - This list of practical tips includes how to use Causes; make your page unique; add a donation box; and buy advertisements on Facebook.