Search Engine Optimization Basics


SEO Toolkit (Microsoft) – Free and paid versions of software designed to help you review and make your site more search engine-friendly. (More details)

mozBar (SEOmoz) – Toolbar plugin for Firefox and Chrome browsers. Features include SEO metrics as you browse the Web; link and domain metrics for the pages you visit; and highlighting not-followed links.

SEO’s Toolbox – Collection of 17 add-ons for Firefox, including: FlagFox, which displays a country flag representing the location of a website’s server; ShowIP, which shows the IP address of any page you’re viewing; and YSlow, which analyzes why a Web page is slow.


SEO Toolkit tutorial (Microsoft) – Quick guide to installing, launching and using IIS SEO Toolkit.

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (Google) – Learn how to create unique and accurate page titles, improve the structure of your URLs, optimize your use of images, guide mobile users effectively, and promote your website properly.

Beginner’s guide to SEO (SEOmoz) – How do people use search engines? What are some of the myths and misconceptions about search engines? Why is search engine marketing necessary? Answers to these questions and more can be found in this 10-chapter guide.

Articles & Resources

SEO basics (Yahoo! Style Guide) – A clearly and concisely written quick-start guide on search engine optimization. Short, simple tips on improving your search rankings.

Top 10 Twitter SEO tips (Mashable) – Your social media content gets indexed by search engines just like other online content. So, wouldn’t it make sense for your social media profiles, status updates and tweets to be properly optimized?

SEO Wikipedia page – Worth reading for the history of SEO; white hat versus black hat SEO; and SEO as a marketing strategy.