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Google Analytics - Knowing how many people visit your site is just the beginning of understanding your Web traffic. Google Analytics, a free service, generates statistics that go beyond pageviews. For example, you can see how people find your site, how they navigate through it, and how many answer your calls to action. You can also visualize detailed stats, create customized reports and share them with others in your organization. Take this product tour to learn more.

Adobe SiteCatalyst - This powerful website analytics package offers real-time information about how people are interacting with your website. Features include social media insights, video and mobile analytics, and automatic notification when metrics exceed or fall below expectations.

Webtrends - Another popular website analytics tool. The Webtrends site also offers training courses.


Google Analytics IQ Lessons - More than 25 in-depth video presentations on the fundamentals of website analytics, as well as more advanced aspects. Once you’ve explored these materials you can test yourself to see how much you’ve retained.

Google Analytics Videos on YouTube - Learn how to find the best keywords, increase your visibility by improving location targeting, and more. High-quality production values make this collection of short video tutorials both informative and pleasant to watch.

How to use Google Analytics for beginners (Mahalo) - This article explains how to set up your Google Analytics account; insert JavaScript into your pages; measure your site performance daily and hourly; and see where your traffic is coming from—it’s all here.

Articles & Resources

How to make the most out of your Google Analytics traffic reports (Flyte) - Similar to Mahalo’s guide above, this concise article features plenty of screenshots to illustrate Google Analytics’ various services.

Listening Literacy Skills (Beth’s Blog) - Explores three different online listening skills: composing and refining keywords; pattern analysis and synthesis; and effective engagement. Includes specific suggestions on which keywords to search for and which ones to avoid, and draws a connection between listening skills and critical thinking.

Site Statistics and User Privacy for Nonprofit Websites (TechSoup) - Measuring your Web statistics can help you learn a lot about who visits your site. But hoow do you explain to your visitors what information they’re giving away by visiting your site? This article explores some of the privacy issues surrounding Web analytics and offers suggestions on crafting your site’s privacy policy; how to communicate with your users about privacy issues; and how you can empower them to opt-out.